Natural Oval Loofah Bathing Scrub Pack of 1


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  • All-Natural Goodness: We pick loofah/sponge gourd fruits by hand, dry them, and cut them. Then, we sew them together to make loofah pads. They’re antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and gentle on the skin.
    • Smooth and Glowing Skin: It scrubs away old skin, cleans deep, and helps your skin renew itself. After using it, your skin looks healthy, smooth, and has a radiant glow. It’s a wonderful gift for you or someone you care about.
      • Useful and Money-Saving: You get four in a pack, so you can change them regularly or share with your family. They have a stretchy band on the back, making it easy to hold while you scrub your body
        • Useful Tips: Before using the pad, wet it and your skin, or it might feel a bit tough afterward. Rinse it well with water and let it air dry using the hanging loop. It’s good to replace them every 4 weeks for your health. And remember, don’t share it with your family to avoid spreading germs.

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